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Menu available for rooftop, indoor, sidewalk deck and take out dining.
Menu does not include daily specials such as lobster rolls and oysters.
Please note that items may not be available so please check with your server.

Please inform your server of allergies before placing your order.



Salads & Soup

Soup of the Day

Cup/Small 7

Bowl/Large 9

Codfish fritters 14

chipotle dipping sauce

Crab artichoke Dip 18

crab-spinach-artichoke dip, tortilla chips

Mac & Cheese 14

mozzarella, cheddar, American cheese, breadcrumbs

Add crab meat - add 15

Coconut Shrimp 16

coconut crusted, fried, apricot mostarda dipping sauce


Calamari 17

fried squid, spicy marinara dipping sauce

PEI Mussels 18 gluten free w/o crostini

marinara, crostini

white wine, garlic, basil, crostini

smoked bacon, NYS apples, seafood broth, crostini

Steamed Clams 18 gluten free w/o crostini

little neck clams, garlic, white wine sauce, crostini


Chicken Fingers & Fries 15

chicken tenders, fries

Brussels Sprouts 16 gluten free

honey sriracha sauce, toasted peanuts, shredded coconut


Chicken 14 Shrimp 18  Steak 18

two 6 inch tacos, pico de Gallo, cole slaw, cilantro-avocado sour cream

available until 3pm

Roasted Beet Tower Salad 17 gluten free

roasted beets layered with fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, prosciutto, fig drizzle

Burrata Salad 17 gluten free w/o croutons

burrata, tomatoes, cucumber, croutons, avocado, fresh basil,

garbanzo beans, balsamic dressing


Caesar Salad 15

romaine, croutons, shaved parmesan, Caesar dressing

House Salad 10   gluten free

mixed greens, tomato, carrot, pickled red onion, balsamic dressing

Salad Add Ons

steak 17   shrimp 16   chicken 11



Paella 39   gluten free

clams, mussels, shrimp, chicken, chorizo. 8 oz Add lobster tail MP

Seafood Risotto 37   gluten free

mushrooms, shrimp, clams, mussels, crab meat, parmesan cheese

Shrimp Scampi 29

linguini, seared shrimp, white wine/garlic/lemon/butter sauce, parsley  

Stuffed fillet of Sole 32

sole stuffed with crab served with rice, lobster sauce

Fish & Chips  20

beer-battered flaky whitefish, tartar sauce, fries

Seared Salmon  29  gluten free

pan-seared fillet of Atlantic salmon, potatoes, spinach, citrus-teriyaki sauce

Lobster Ravioli  29

vodka sauce, crab meat

Market Fish  MP  gluten free

chef selected catch, pan seared with fresh herbs. seasonal vegetables, starch

Steak Selection  MP  gluten free

served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables


Pasta Bolognese 19

ground chuck, creamy tomato sauce, choice of penne or linguini


Our Chicken Francese 25

lemon-butter cream sauce, choice of penne or linguini

Anchor Burger  19

our signature chuck/braised short rib blend, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese brioche bun, truffle-parm fries

Classic Burger  16

10oz ground chuck burger, bacon, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, brioche bun, fries

Anchor Club  16

fried or grilled chicken breast, mozzarella, bacon, lettuce, chipotle mayo, brioche

available until 3pm



Truffle - parmesan fries 10

Plain french fries 8

Sweet Potato Fries 10

Onion rings 10

Mozzarella sticks 9

Garlic Spinach 7



Cannoli  8

a large cannoli filled with vanilla/ricotta cream and chocolate chips

Churros with french vanilla ice cream  11

Limoncello Mascarpone Cake  9


Chocolate Cake  9


NY Style Cheesecake  10

Tartuffo  8

Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream filled chocolate shells

Scoop of chocolate or french vanilla ice cream 5

French Macarons 9

6 assorted flavors

Please note that an automatic gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more

Happy Hour

3-6 pm Mon - Fri

20% off all cocktails, beer, wine, food

at the bar

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